Saturday, June 25, 2016

Evening At Sunset In Houston British Columbia (Pictures)

Above Photo: I took some pictures on the evening of June 24, 2016 
from the field behind my home of a cloud that was parked above
Morice Mountain and Daisy's in Houston, British Columbia Canada.

For larger view of the photos, click on each of the pictures.

You can also view the pictures that I have been taking around Houston, B.C. at my 
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For information on things to do in and around Houston, British Columbia, please contact the Houston and District Chamber Of Commerce/Visitors Centre. Links below.

Also, I hope you enjoy the photos that I have taken around our beautiful town.

Above Photo: This is the bluffs which can be seen from the town of Houston. 
If you get lucky, you can see Mountain goats on it.

Houston and District Chamber Of Commerce/Visitors Centre.

Above Photo: These high thin clouds turned pink from the sunset.

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