Monday, July 6, 2015

Four Seasons Park Houston British Columbia (Pictures/Video)

Four Seasons Park is located west of Houston at the far end of Mountainview Drive, this park has four ball diamonds, rodeo grounds and a riding arena, Pleasant Valley Days is hosted at this park.

All of the pictures below were taken at the Four Seasons Park in Houston, B.C.

The three below pictures are of the rodeo grounds.

The below picture is some of the baseball fields we have in Houston.

A Look Back Into The Past (Houston, British Columbia)
The following pictures are of some of the old farming machines that were in use years ago in Houston, B.C.
Also some old cabins/homes people lived in, and an old dump truck which was an awesome find. I did not know it was there.

What I loved about looking at the old farming machines was the setting they are in, with tall grass growing in and around them, trees were in sprouting up through gaps in the machines. 

It was just a wonderful look, to it all.

When I took the below picture, I never noticed the Robin that was perched on one of the old farm machines.
Another Robin flew over behind me, and I wondered why as they were rather close and didn’t seem to be afraid.
As I turned my head I spotted their nest they made in one of the old farm machines.
I figured they were stressing a bit, so I moved on quickly.

Below Photo: One of the old cabins that was moved to the park so folks could view it.

Pictures Below: Right around where the cabin was situated, I spotted an old dump truck buried behind trees and tall grass. 

The pictures and video clip below is of some of our local Deer which were at the Park eating. 

Just before I spotted them here, they were inside the riding arena, I guess keeping cool. 

Like all over British Columbia, the heat as been breaking records that go back years.

Below: Two short video clips of the Deer.

1. - The clip can be found on YouTube at:

2. - The clip can be found on YouTube at:

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